Payments between my accounts

Hello snoopers,

You might already have this but I thought I’d raise it just in case.

I have a joint account and my own current account set up on Snoop.

I regularly pay into the joint account to cover family bills.

This shows up as income on my Snoop account.

Its a little too much like creative accounting as it looks as though my income is increased by the amount I add to the joint account, even though this income has been captured from my monthly salary.

Could you put a check on ‘incoming transactions’ to say:
If ‘account from’ is already listed within this Snoop account
Then ‘ignore’

Hope this helps


Hi @dec - we have a change coming in our next release (in about 2 weeks times) which will automatically exclude anything categorised as ‘transfers’ from some of the totals we populate.

We also have the ability to exclude specific other transactions from analysis.

Hopefully that will make things much more useful for you?



Yep that would help :slight_smile: :grinning:

Thanks Paul