Card Expenses/Bank Repayments


So I’m tracking my credit cards as well as my bank account.

Say, for example, I spend £100 on my card and also send my card company £110 from my bank account to pay off the card and the interest.

Does Snoop consider that £210 of expenses - because £100 has already been accounted for!

In addition, when I do pay my card company, part of the payment is interest. Anyway of therefore splitting up the payment as one is a repayment and the other is a cost.

Hope that makes sense!!!

Hi there,

Thanks for your question.

Taking your example, if you tap into your £110 transfer transaction you can re-categorise it to ‘Internal Transfers’ - anything in this category won’t be included in your spend analysis for the very reason you point out. To avoid double counting.

And right now you can’t split a transaction and assign it to 2 categories, but this is certainly something we’ll be considering as a new feature in the app in future. Thanks for your feedback! We’ll log your vote for this.

Hope that helps :blush: