Should Credit card payment be Internal Transfer

Hello, Pretty new to scoop. Should I show my monthly Credit card payments (variable each month) as an internal transfer, all the individual payments show up really well, but just need to know the best way to deal with the monthly payment. Thanks for any advice.

Hi @DWynG,

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For your credit card payments, if you recategorise those to ‘Transfers’ they will be excluded your spend totals and summaries.

To do that, if you tap on a recent credit card payment, you’ll be taken to a screen with more details about that transaction. If you tap the pencil icon next to the category, you’ll have the option to select other categories that your transactions can be assigned to. By choosing the ‘transfers’ category, this payment will be reassigned, and you’ll have the option to apply this to change to all related transactions (so that you won’t need to repeat this for each transaction).

Anything that is categorised under the ‘transfers’ category (or any specific transactions that are marked as ‘exclude from analysis’) will not show-up in your spending summaries and totals.

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hi Laura

I’m new to Snoop too and I had the same question as David. You’ve explained how to categorise credit card payments as Transfers but can you just confirm that is what we should be doing? Will the individual payments paid by credit card still show up as spend?


Hi Patrick :wave:

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Yes, that’s exactly what you should do - as Laura says, if you re-categorise any payments from one account to another as ‘transfers’ they’ll be excluded from your spend summaries etc.

However, any purchases you make on your credit cards will still show up as spend in the normal way.

Hope you have a lovely Sun evening :slight_smile:


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