Weekly Summary

Liking the weekly summary but it’s not taking credits into account. One of my top 5 spends (Tuesday) was credited in the same week (Thursday) so the total spend was a few pence - it was a $ transaction so a little lost in the exchange rate.

Not sure this is something that should be be fixed though! There could be valid reasons for a credit that shouldn’t be taken into account.

Hi there @ToBAS,

Glad you like the spend summaries - and I totally understand your point. Right now spend summaries are intentionally just showing debits. We have no immediate plans to make these reflect a net position, but we’ll definitely keep an eye on the volume of refunds/credits we see meaning this summary becomes inaccurate, and we’ll consider enhancing it in future. Really appreciate your comments.


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This week’s summary includes a credit card payment, can these be optionally taken out? The point being that I’ve linked Snoop to that card account and some of the items that card payment clears would have been shown in earlier summaries.

Morning @ToBAS, yes it can be. If you flag your credit card payment as ‘Transfers’ it will automatically be excluded from any new spend summary Snoops.

Hope that helps. :blush:

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