0% credit card payments

Hi. I am paying off a couple of 0% credit cards. Up till now I have categorised these as is internal transfers, both the payment and the receipt of payment. The problem is that this doesn’t show up as a payment in my monthly budget so I have change the payment amount to a different category so that I can budget for this every month. I’m not sure how this will affect my budgets in the longer term ie income versus outgoings. Sorry if this a bit rambling!

Hi there @Idledays - it’s not at all rambling :slight_smile: I understand where you’re coming from completely.

You could create a custom category for these payments if you didn’t want to use one of the standard ones. You can get up to 3 free with the free version of Snoop, and unlimited for the subscription version (Snoop Plus).

Once that’s done (or you know what category you want to assign it to) just tap into one of the outgoing payments to your credit card and change the category from Internal Transfers. You should be asked if you want to change the category for just that one payment, or for any future and past payments to the same company. If you tap the option to change them all Snoop will automatically assign these payments to that new category every time you make them. And that means you can set up a budget for them each month.

I hope that makes sense but if you have any problems with doing this or it’s not working or showing as you’d like it to, please do feel free to drop us a line at hello@snoop.app and the team will be happy to help you get this sorted.


That’s great. Thanks for your reply :smiling_face: