Having just taken several hours to figure out why the remaining budget doesn’t match the remaining of each of the categories. I found a re-occurring payment that wasn’t allocated to a category that I had in the budget. A suggesting for budgeting;

Could there be a ‘all other categories’ that would then catch categories that aren’t included in the budget. At least then there would be a clearer picture of the months spending.

There are some categories that don’t need budgeting for i.e., snoop plus annual subscription, you just need to know that it’s coming out that month.

Maybe even a snoop that informs you of a regular payment that is not included your budget.

Hi @Ian thanks for the feedback and we will certainly give this some thought.

We actually have some improvements coming in a few weeks around how we predict future outgoings based on bills that we can see. This will hopefully complement however you’ve setup your budget… please look out for news on this.