Any way to see spending by category for previous months where no budget was set?

I’m new to Snoop so although my spending imported from my accounts goes back a while, I can only view spending by category for October as that’s the month I started using Snoop and setup budgets. Snoop won’t show my spending for months before October because I didn’t have budgets set.

Is there any way to see my spending by category before October? If not, I would like to request this as it’s pretty fundamental to analysing my spending history before I joined Snoop and also to verify the auto-calculated budgets Snoop has suggested.

Hi @freddyq - in that budget screen at the top you should see a ‘Your Spending’ tab. Just tap on that and you will see a breakdown of every month that we have data for.


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Thanks Paul - yes I noticed that earlier as I was doing more experimenting. Thanks for clarifying.

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