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Is there a way to see spending against a category without having to set a budget? I’ve created a category for spending we did on holiday. I’d like to see an overview of the spending against this new Holiday category similar to the overview for the categories with a budget but I don’t want to set a budget for the Holiday category. Is this possible?

What would actually be good is to be able to switch between transaction view and category view on the All Transactions page.

Hi @Sami you don’t need to have a budget to be able to see analysis of the spending in that category.

Tap on the ‘Spending’ button on the bottom navigation bar and then at the top of the screen that then shows, just tap on ‘Your Spending

You will then see a list of all your categories in the current period. You can either scroll back to the time you did your holiday spending, or just change the date to ‘Custom’ and then it will show you all the transactions we have for all your categories.


Thank you. I completely missed the toggle for this.

What would be really great is if you could see month on month (on month - not just the current versus previous but over time) in just one category without having to select the month, go into a category, then go back to overall spending, choose a different month, then go into the category again, etc. For example I’d like to go into my Shopping category and see the last 3/6/12 months of spending in that category at the transaction level. Is that possible (have I missed something)? If not, could it be fed back to the team to see if it can be added to the road map?


Hi @charlwillis - I think I see what you mean.

Have you ever used custom spend reports? You can find a link to set one up at the bottom of your list of categories in the ‘Your spending’ area of the app (toggle to it from the budget view if you have a budget set up).

Using this feature, you can look back over different time periods and tap into categories to see the transactions within them as well as average spend etc. I know this isn’t exactly what you’re describing, but does this help?

I’ll certainly share your feedback with the team too, of course.

Best wishes,

Thanks @Cara!

Yes, exactly right. The custom reports allow me to customise the date or the accounts but don’t allow me to report on a specific category. So that’s what I’m after.


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