Category Summary

Forgive me if this feature already exists but I believe you might have missed a fantastic opportunity if it doesn’t.

I can see that transactions are grouped into categories and if transaction X is selected, it will give you a ‘total spent’ figured which is useful but often I don’t just shop at one supermarket, I shop at a few. So I presume this is where the ‘category’ field would come in. Each transaction has a category but is there any way for users to see total expenditure in a selected category?

I would expect a section in the app which contains the library of categories and the user can select any category and view spend on a monthly/quarterly/annual basis.

Please have this feature implemented it would be so useful!

Hi there @khizerasghar

Yes you can view your spend by category in the Snoop app. If you tap on the ‘View’ button on the home screen, and then tap on the 2nd tab at the top labelled ‘Categories’ you can see your spend by month for each category. And you can tap into the category to see what transactions the total was comprised of.

If you want to re-categorise a transaction, that’s really easy too. Just tap into the transaction and you’ll see a little pencil icon next to category at the top of the ‘transactions details’ screen. If you tap on the pencil, you can change the category for that transaction (or all others to the same company/person) as you choose.

Hope that helps!