Transactions to other accounts linked to your Snoop account should never be seen as expenditure

There may be a way of setting this automatically, but if so, I have missed it. I move around money between my accounts, as I imagine many people do. It is really frustrating to see these counted as expenditure. For example, I make lots of payments using one of my credit cards. I pay these off at the end of each month with another account. Both are configured to Snoop. If I am sending money to one account within Snoop from another account within Snoop, the movement should be logged, but I should be easily able to remove these transactions as being seen as expenditure. At the moment, if I pay £50 for something on my credit card and then move £50 to my credit card, it looks like I am spending £100. It would be really nice if money out could be easily identified from money across accounts. Since you have all of the account data, it should be really easy to identify this.


hi @Rilhia - if we can see both the outbound payment from account 1 and the inbound payment on account 2 within Snoop, we should be automatically setting both transactions to our ‘Transfers’ category. That only happens automatically if both banks report the transaction on the same day. If you don’t think that’s happening, can you drop us a line from the app and mention this thread so I can investigate for you (or just email

If we don’t spot them automatically - you can tap on any transaction in the app and change the category to Transfers (just tap the category name to change it). Pick the option to change ‘all transactions’ for the merchant and it will change all historic and future transactions for that merchant in one go.

If you have lots of transactions that have the same description but they are not linked to merchants (like bank transfers), you can tap on the ‘Link transactions’ option. This option will only appear if it’s relevant. Once linked, you can change all historic and future transactions with this description to the transfers category in one go.


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