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Hi Snoop,

Hope you are keeping well in these crazy times!

I’ve just been looking at the ‘Catagories’ view and the Money-In/Money-out figures looked wrong. I’ve done some digging and it seems that if I recieve a sum of money into one account and then move it to another account then this is seen as two separate incomes (for the want of a better word!). This is also the same for money out. As I manage my accounts with multiple transactions between them I end up with a Money-In/Money-out that is many times what it should be.

Is it possible say if Snoop sees £100 leaves account A and immediately £100 appears in account B to flag it up to allow the user to mark this accordingly?



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Hi @Grindlebeard yes this is something we want to improve and we’ve had other feedback from customers on this.

We will soon introduce a feature where you can exclude certain types of transaction from the totals we provide.

Watch this space - this will be coming up in a release soon (we’ve already started the work on this).


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