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I’ve been reading through all the suggestions and bugs people are finding and it appears that every one is super clever and already very clued up money wise.

I get that this will be great for sorting out calculations etc… But I was hoping that snoop would help a money thicko like me with learning to be as good with money as all these other clever people!

It would be great to have an educational section for stuff that frightens me like:
-tax codes (how to know which you should be on)
-general saving information (what does the interest rate actually mean, what is an ISA etc etc)
-other stuff I should know?

I get that you dont want to advise, but there must be loads of factual nuggets that you could dish out?

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Hi Dec. Thanks for this feedback - because it’s super-useful. We have absolutely been thinking about content that’s designed to help. One of the reasons we are so passionate about building Snoop is that we feel like you do - there’s so much stuff to understand and it’s often hard to work out what is relevant to you and what isn’t. We can use your banking data to help with that. So leave this one with us - your feedback makes complete sense to us! Paul

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