Snoop for business

Hi all,

I know that Snoop is really new, developing and learning about life, just like a new puppy but I’ve got a future idea called Snoop for Business.

Obviously it’s basically the same but taylored and tuned towards businesses, where it would help and suggest snoops for business insurance, vehicle leasing deals, best phone deals, tools, business bank accounts, office equipment, computer etc and anything business related really.

In time when this one is proven I think it could help the business community and would just need a few tweaks here and there and maybe a different colour snoop etc All businesses have bank accounts and overheads and are always looking to save a little etc

What do you all think and any other business related ideas that would work ?


Hey @Leighton,

We completely agree Snoop for Business would be brilliant and it’s definitely in our thinking for the future, As you say, right now we’re concentrating on getting the fundamentals of the customer proposition right, but we’ll then will turn our attention to business. When we do that we’d love to get everyone involved in what this new version of Snoop could be. But by all means, any further thoughts you have now on what you’d expect from Snoop for business, do feel free to post - would be great to hear them! Thank you!

Great idea Leighton, I think Snoop could very well be the Monzo of saving money - at least, I hope so!