The Snoop Beta Begins!

Just to let you know, we’re ready with our Snoop 4.0 Beta.

Over the next few days, we’ll be sending out invites to all those who have signed up. So if you see any posts from others who have started using the Beta, don’t worry. Sit tight and we’ll get your invite to you shortly.

Thanks for your support, as always!


First feedback

Scoop Beta Testing

* Spend Analysis
  * Love the feature
    * Chart for categories
      * Assuming it compares the spend to previous months?
      * Need a Y axis
      * Only upward trend has a value, no value for downward trend 
      * suggest: Use thinner bars
      * suggest: Better colours for the bar
    * Add chart for merchants - only showing the top 5 changed
* All payments
  * Great new addition
    * Credit card payment shows the value of the last payment
      * If payment was 0 the pervious months, it shows the amount last paid not 0. This is inconsistent.
        * Credit card direct debit payments should be the estimated amount based on the current credit card statement until the next payment cut off date
    * Custom spend categories
      * Not part of the beta
        * Will this be added for the beta at later stage or not be part of the next release?
          * Would be a shame if this feature is not included

Hi @Bjaich - thanks so much for the feedback! I’ve sent you an email on this too, but just if anyone else is wondering… the custom categories new feature is certainly going to be part of this Beta programme.

We are introducing new features in stages and custom categories will be with you later in June.



@tom.player my son gets paid on a four weekly cycle, as I know still do some other occupations. Also pensions, benefits etc get paid four weekly, two weekly, or even weekly. Will future versions enable users to specify their income cycle so they get a more personal level of forward look about what’s due before next pay day ? Getting paid thirteen times a year, but paying your bills twelve times a year is a nightmare ! Sorry if this has already been covered and I’ve missed it.



Hi @Rod - yes we’re going to be providing the feature to allow custom pay cycles in future releases.

We completely agree there are a number of income events which should be considered in this feature as life’s not always as simple as being paid once a month. When we reach the point of designing this feature in a few weeks, we’ll be testing it with customers to make sure it meets a range of needs.

thanks for your comments!