First Beta Release - Version 1.0.0

I’m thrilled to announce that our very first Beta release will be available to you all in the next few days.

This includes several bug fixes since our last Alpha release (0.14.0). For this release note, and considering it’s our first Beta, I thought it would be useful to recap all of the features that we now support:

Register for Snoop

  • Get an introduction about Snoop
  • Accept Snoop’s Privacy Policy and Terms
  • Provide your preferred name
  • Provide your mobile number
  • Provider your email address
  • Enter and verify a security PIN
  • Set notification settings (IOS)

Decide to link a bank account or credit card or not

  • Understand the benefits of linking an account
  • Make a decision about linking an account now or later

to Snoop account (on known device only)

  • Using mobile number and PIN


  • View any connected accounts linked, including any accounts that have not updated successfully
  • View the last time accounts were refreshed
  • Add a new account

View Snoops

  • View generic snoops until an account is linked and personalised snoops are available
  • View personalised snoops, once available
  • Like a snoop
  • Dislike a snoop and remove from feed
  • Pin a snoop and come back to this later
  • Browse for snoops in a category
  • Tell us something is wrong about a Snoop
  • View full details about a snoop

Link an account

  • Select from a list of providers
  • Provide consent for details to be shared with Snoop
  • Get passed to the account provider’s mobile app or website
  • Provide consent for sharing information with Snoop at the account provider
  • Get passed back to the Snoop app
  • See an account is importing

View an account

  • Click on an account to see balance information and a list of transactions by date
  • Be able to scroll through a list of transactions or select a month via a date picker
  • Click on a transaction to see details of that transaction

Be presented with insights about spend with a given merchant

  • Change the category for a transaction or change all transactions for a given merchant
  • Tell Snoop something is wrong with a transaction

Explore money

  • See a timeline of all transactions across all accounts
  • See a summary of transactions by category for each month
  • Order categories by name or amount
  • See a list of transactions for a given category
  • View subscriptions (coming soon placeholder)

Manage accounts

  • See a list of connected or expired accounts
  • See when account consents expire
  • See information about when I added an account and when it was last refreshed
  • Provide new consent with an account provider (‘Reconnect’)

App Settings

  • View information about a snoop account including a customer number
  • View any badges I have such as ‘Beta Snooper’
  • Provide simple app feedback
  • Manage accounts
  • View FAQs about Snoop
  • Get in touch with the Snoop support team
  • Access the SnoopSpace forum
  • View Terms and Conditions
  • View Privacy Policy
  • View the Snoop website
  • Refer Snoop to a friend
  • Log-out of Snoop

We will be delivering lots more exciting features based on your feedback in the weeks ahead.

We hope to release a new version of the app every two weeks or so and we will post updates on Snoop Space each time that we do. Please let us know what you think! :grinning: