New Alpha Release 0.14.0

Hi again - it’s only been a week since our last release, but r0.14 will shortly be with you ! :muscle:

This release contains all the features we intend to start our Beta Testing with. The only things that should change between this version and the ‘Release 1.0’ Beta launch will be bug fixes.

Updated Features:


  • The category filtered screen is now functional
  • The snoop drawer will now appear in the transaction details and category filter screens
  • Transactions can now be re-categorised
  • New profile screen (under settings)
  • The snoop drawer should feel a lot more smooth to use!


  • A new account linking journey to explain the benefits of linking an account (coming soon on IOS)
  • Various cosmetic changes to descriptions of screens, buttons and animations

IOS & Android

  • Generic snoops which we present before you link an account will now appear in a priority order
  • The snoop drawer will make it clear if you are seeing personalised snoops yet or not
  • Snoop header text can not contained personalised data such as totals spent
  • Category logos have been updated
  • You can now ‘refer a friend’ to the app (putting you higher in the queue for early access)
  • Emails now contained more data about the user to help the support team
  • The snoops personalisation engine will now run for any new account that has been uploaded within 4 hours
  • Merchant spend totals should be more accurate

Bugs :beetle: Squished:

  • Various changes and improvements to the date picker (IOS)
  • Fixes to the pinned snoops screen (IOS)
  • The account added date will now appear in the account settings screen (IOS)
  • Pending transactions with no descriptions should show better in the app (for Lloyds Credit Cards and Halifax Current Accounts) . (IOS)
  • Preferred names now need to be 2 characters
  • If spend totals have been calculated at less than 2 months, this should be displayed better in Snoop descriptions

Behind the scenes:

  • Lots of improvements to how the app cache’s data and retrieves multi pages of information (Android)
  • A range of security improvements implemented (Android)
  • New app analytics implemented
  • Monzo pot transactions should be named better if the bank doesn’t provide us with the correct data

Known issues: IOS

  • When you first link an account you may not immediately see the correct message at the top of the snoop drawer (until you leave the homepage and come back)
  • Occasionally personalised snoops may not display in the correct order when moving between the full list and snoop category screens
  • The Pinned Snoops screen is incorrectly showing a small Snoop robot image when no pinned snoops available. This will be replaced with an animation shortly.

Thanks for the great summary PK

Thanks PK - exciting! :snoop:

Excellent. Very exciting. Can’t wait to use it. :muscle: