New Alpha Release: 0.11.0

Hi Snoopers, delighted to say we will be sending you all a new release of the app over the next 48 hours (timing subject to Apple review approval).

Updated Features:

  • Personalised Snoops! - we will now show you snoops based on your spending and transactions
  • Snoops by category - you can now filter all of your snoops to view them by any category
  • Snoops interactions - our recommendation engine will be updated as you view and read snoops on your feed, so we can continue to show you the most useful items
  • Expired snoops - will no longer appear in your feed
  • Importing transactions - lots of improvements including: showing pending items, changing how we check for duplicates, how we store the time and ensuring the order of transactions is shown correctly
  • Improved caching - so you should see less shimmer animations
  • Bank re-consent journey - we now support the 90 day re-consent process that all banks require. We will also prompt you in the app as you get near to this deadline
  • Manage accounts - a new screen for managing any of your connected accounts
  • Transaction screens - we’ve made some improvements on what descriptions we show and also if we show the time or not (depending on the quality of data for that bank)
  • Push messages - we can now deliver messages to you once you give the app permission
  • Animations - you’ll see some snazzy new animations as you complete the registration process
  • Registration - we’ve made various improvements including a great new welcome screen that introduces Snoop. You will also be able to accept our terms and conditions now (note - the actual T&Cs are not yet published)

Bugs Squished :beetle::

  • Fixed some incorrect text appearing in the snoop drawer
  • Fixed an IOS 11 bug around navigating to the transaction screen
  • Fixed some performance issues with the date picker in the transaction screen
  • Fixed the pre-populated email for when a snoop is wrong
  • Fixed some problems with pinned snoops and when you like or dislike a snoop
  • Fixed some display problems with the snoop drawer when you make it full screen
  • Fixed issues with showing the total number of snoops available
  • Fixed some layout issues around bank logos and balance display
  • Fixed some rare situations which caused the app to crash

Behind the scenes:

  • We’ve improved and automated some of our deployment processes, meaning we can get releases into the hands of our testers more regularly and more efficiently
  • We’ve improved some of our tracking so we know how the app is performing
  • We’ve made some technical and security improvements for our Android app

Known Issues:

  • Generic snoops will be shown for a period of time after you first register as currently we are not running the recommendation engine at all times. This will get resolved in the coming weeks.
  • Clicking on the ‘sign in’ link in the opening screens of the app (when you first install) causes the app to crash. This feature is coming soon!

This version has now been approved by Apple and you should have received an invitation.

Android, we hope to have issued via Google Play today too.

Thanks @paul_k - it worked :slight_smile:

@Ross @Antony noticed the cookie banner pops up when you click on Privacy Policy in the app. Is that intentional and if not can we remove it?

Also @Ross when I first went into the homepage I saw a Snoop and tried to scroll down but tried it loads of times and couldn’t get it to work. @paul_k did it but it took a special knack which clearly didn’t come naturally to me. PK said it may be the size of my device as it’s a X (the big one) but anyway, just thought I’d let you know

hey @Cara - the link is just a placeholder just now but will make sure the experience is super slick when we put in the correct URL and test it!

@Cara on fire with the insights!!! That sounds weird and less than ideal, cool if you show me next time we’re in the same place? We don’t want @paul_k to have to be there every time you want to read your Snoops and save some cash!


With the cookie banner when visiting the ‘Privacy Policy’ That’s to be expected as you’re going to the website in your browser. If you’ve not done that on your phone before in your default browser - it will ask for cookies to be set.

The only way to get around this would be to hold the privacy policy actually inside the app instead of linking out to it…As Contentful is a headless content management platform it should be possible to pull content from there into the app, but understand that’s out of scope at this stage.

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Hello everyone - thanks for using release 0.11 !

Just a couple of updates for you:

  • We found a defect that was impacting some (but not all) pending transactions. These were failing to import in some cases. The good news is that the developers have already found and fixed this and you will see it in the next version we release

  • Also, for Monzo accounts we have seen some duplicate transactions. Again, we know exactly why this is happening and a fix has been developed today and will in the next version.

  • You may have noticed we are still showing ‘generic’ snoops rather than anything personalised. We found a few last minute problems with this feature that we are still closing off. We will switch this on for you soon, but only when we are confident things are working as they should. This feature is switched on in our development environment so shouldn’t be too much longer.