New Alpha Release: 0.12.0

Good morning - we will shortly be releasing the next exciting version of the app to you. Details below.

Updated Features:

  • Multi-accounts: You can now add more than one account from one or more providers
  • Homepage: A new version to support the multiple accounts and give access to a new ‘explore’ feature
  • Manage existing accounts: a new screen will display information about each of your accounts and allow you to re-consent with the bank when needed
  • Timeline view: a new screen to show all transactions across accounts (IOS only)
  • Category view: a new screen to show all spend by category and the ability to see all spend for a specific category (Android Only)
  • Transaction details: a new screen to show more information about each transaction. Including insights about merchants when available (Android Only)
  • Subscriptions: coming soon screen added
  • Improved account linking: various improvements to support a more robust process between Snoop and a bank
  • Animations: various improvements made to how our favourite little robot appears on different screens

Bugs Squished :

  • Fixed some issues with Pending Transactions not displaying
  • Fixed a problem that was causing Monzo accounts to show duplicate transactions
  • Fixed some problems with how personalised snoops are shown and how spend data is used
  • Fixed a problem on Android where the customer’s name is not shown correctly
  • Fixed problems with how the date picker was working
  • Fixed problems with how multiple pages of Snoops are presented

Behind the scenes :

  • More improvements to how the app cache’s data
  • More improvements to how we deploy IOS code

Known Issues:

  • Some merchant icons will now be displayed in certain screens. This feature is still under development so in some cases these logos will be incorrect.
  • Some merchant insights on Android may not have correct totals yet
  • The new homepage for IOS is not always showing the ‘importing’ icons correctly when you first link a bank account. This will get resolved in the next release
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Thanks @paul. Comments:

  1. Yes would be good to understand this one more. I assume this is despite the new intro animations that have been used?

  2. You are the 2nd person who took three times on Monzo, so again next week it would be good to explore this one more. It was fine for me when I did it so I don’t think it’s happening all the time, but clearly there is something not quite working as it should.

  3. We have definitely got an IOS problem with the first account that is loaded and what is shown on the homepage. Subsequent accounts are better. We will be looking at this during the current sprint.

  4. Yes, I’ve spotted that too and it will be raised.

  5. Will get this checked as part of 3 and 4

  6. One for Ross and Jay next week

  7. Great

  8. Another one to discuss with Ross and Jay

  9. Yes let’s discuss on Tuesday

Hi @Paul - thanks for observations! Have raised the required bugs in Jira and will talk to Jay about a couple of the design tasks! Let me know if you spot anything else! :slight_smile: