New Alpha Release: 0.13.0

Hi everyone - it’s that exciting time again when we release a new version of the app. Here are the highlights:

Updated Features:

  • We’ve changed the bank account linking process so you will no longer see the ‘importing’ screen
  • Logos should now appear correctly for merchants and if we don’t yet have a logo, the category logo will be shown
  • You can now log back into your app after you’ve deleted it and re-installed for any reason
  • Timeline view: a new screen to show all transactions across accounts (Now on both IOS and Android)
  • Category view: a new screen to show all spend by category and the ability to see all spend for a specific category (Now on both IOS and Android)
  • A new screen to see the list of transactions for a selected category in a month
  • Transaction details: a new screen to show more information about each transaction. Including a placeholder for insights about merchants when available (Now on both IOS and Android). Please see known issues section below.
  • Animations: more improvements and introductions to certain screens
  • A new profile screen including a customer number has been introduced. This will also link to new help content and provide email contact to our support and feedback teams (Android only)
  • Transactions can be re-categorised (Android only)
  • Snoops will now be filtered to the specific merchant if you click on a transaction (if we have one available in you personalised list)

Bugs Squished :

  • Snoops will be displayed in the correct order (once personalised)
  • Various bugs were fixed with the homepage - especially when accounts first get added
  • Issues with the re-consent process have been fixed

Behind the scenes :

  • Further Improvements to how caching works
  • We will now run the recommendation engine more regularly throughout the day
  • We’ve changed some of the technical interfaces for open banking. Bank linking will now make it clear consent is being shared with Snoop (not our technical partner)
  • We’ve made various improvements to how we track usage of certain screens in the app (Android only)
  • We’ve implemented various security improvements (Android Only)

Known Issues :

  • If you spend with a merchant for the first time, Snoops for that merchant will only appear in the transaction details screen form the day after we see the transaction
  • On the transaction details screen - merchant spend totals will be incorrect at the moment and an error may be show the first few hours after onboarding or when you select a pending transaction. We are looking to improve this to realtime in future weeks and of course correct the values!
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