Joint/Personal perspectives


Firstly, great work on Snoop, this is already a very helpful app for me and will be even more so with some of the features coming up, so thank you.

However, there’s one sticking point for me in that I have my own personal accounts / money and the household (the better half and I) have a joint account and joint Amex from which all bills are paid. We each pay a fixed amount into that account at the end of the month and it pays off the mortgage, bills, Amex, etc.

Initially, I connected all my personal accounts and all joint accounts but with transfers between them it got a bit messy. I’ve since removed them so I only have my own accounts and it’s a lot easier to reason with but I only have my mobile phone bill hooked up as a contract because all the others come out of the joint account, so I’m losing this part of the experience.

Would there be a way to add a switchable perspective, or mark an account as joint so I can still have a unified view of all my bill payments but not have them form part of “my assets”? For example, my other half’s payments into the joint account were counting as my income and that doesn’t really make sense.

Thanks for listening and keep up the good work.


I’d second this. Additionally - it would be good if you could exclude supplementary card holder transactions on products like Amex. I definitely do not do as much shopping as Snoop suggests :joy:

Hi @richbutler and @0weavern it’s certainly an interesting an idea. It’s not one on our immediate roadmap, but we’d certainly be interested to hear from any others who have problems with joint accounts or additional credit card holders.

@richbutler one thing you can do in the meantime is make sure all relevant transactions are re-categorised to ‘Transfers’ and you can also use the ‘exclude’ toggle to ensure things from your Joint Account (that you don’t want to to track) and not in any of your spend totals or analysis.


Thanks, will try that.