Household spend across cardholders


I love the app, however it is difficult to see what my wife and I have spent overall, across our cards,as a household. Given that both of our cards/accounts get used for a variety of payments, it’d be great if we could both either link our snoop accounts or had the ability to use one account on multiple devices, since our accounts are on our respective phones.

This view would enable us to prioritize spending as a household during these high inflation times and track our combined net worth better.

Thanks and continue the good work!

Hi @Nipun - there is nothing stopping you using the same Snoop account on two phones. So both you and your wife can access this shared account.

When you change something on your phone (such as a category), it will update the same information your wife would see when she looks at the account on her phone.

There is only one extra complexity. If you have your own individual accounts at the same bank (e.g both you and your wife have your own ‘sole’ account at Barclays for example) and you want them both to be connected, there is an extra configuration change we need to make in order for your Snoop account to work with more than one ‘connection’ at the same bank.

Just contact us from the app or email directly to, if that situation applies here.


Hi Paul,. Thanks for the reply.
Yes we have savings and current accounts with the same bank, so can you please make the required changes?
Right now, it displays balance for one person and for the other if says ‘cannot get balance’.

Thanks again

Hi @Nipun we can certainly resolve this for you, but we can’t see your account details on this forum, so I just need you to tap on the ‘cog’ icon from the Snoop app homepage, then pick the option that says ‘Get in touch’ in the contact us section. That will start an email with all the account details we need.

Just mention this thread and we will get this sorted for you.


Thank you, let me do that.