Idea: allow more than one person to access a snoop account

I have setup snoop on my personal device but would like to share the login with my wife (some accounts are in my name only).

Currently I see this is not possible. Any chance of adding this feature? Even if it is just to read the data and label categories

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Morning @BillyBleach and thanks for getting in touch.

We understand that finances (or at least parts of them) are often shared across relationships and households and although Snoop is currently designed for a single user we want to explore ways of adding shared access to certain parts of the experience at some point in the future.

This isn’t something on our immediate roadmap but we’ll continue to listen to feedback like this and change priorities accordingly if the demand is great enough.

We are also looking at an enhancement to our device strategy that will allow a snoop account to be accessed on multiple devices (which may help you achieve your objective)…however, we do not recommend ever sharing your snoop login credentials with anyone else.

Thanks again for the feedback and have a great day,


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Hi @Ross - just reviewing some posts I’ve missed, and want to add an ‘upvote’ for this. Preferably the multiple device option, but the idea of a ‘family account’ could work too.