Bills not covered - Joint account

So, my husband and I recently split and at the moment all the bills come out of our joint account still.
I only pay money into the account when the bills go out, but my Snoop account says my bills won’t be covered.
Is there anyway to make the ‘income’ for both accounts match up as one whole income/outgoing ‘account’ if that makes sense?
Thank you

Hi @Steeeephanue I’m not sure I fully understand, but as long as the income coming into your joint account from your husband is a regular transaction, you can tell Snoop about this and we will include it in our calculations.

We don’t need to be able to see your husbands account, only the transaction that comes into your shared account which we should be able to see.

  • Tap on the joint account
  • Tap on the card at the top of the screen that talks about your bills
  • Scroll to the bottom of the timeline and tap the option that says ‘Add or edit income’. This will show any rules you have setup for regular income/transfers that arrive in that account.

You can ‘add an income’ and select the regular transfer(s) as needed to setup as many regular income events as you need.

Let me know if that does the trick or if I’ve misunderstood?


Sorry Paul.
So my wages go into my personal account, my husband pays child maintenance into the joint account, and when bills go out, I transfer the money from my personal account to my joint account.
So there is never more than the child maintenance sat in the account.
Is there a way for Snoop to recognise the wages that go into my personal account also cover the bills that go out of my joint account?
Thank you

When you move money into the joint account - do you do that based on a certain pattern… e.g. you move £x from your personal account around the same part of the month?

If you do in that way - then you can setup that regular ‘transfer’ as the income for that Joint Account. Our feature would assume you are going to transfer that amount and only warn you if your bills are going to exceed the balance after you’ve made that transfer.

Alternatively, If you tend to do this on a more irregular pattern and these balance warnings are not useful to you - we can turn these off for you. Just drop us a line at so we can do this?