Bill splitting - how do I see only my share?


Most of my bills come out straight of my account, but they’re shared with my partner who pays his half into my account. However, that’s not reflected in the Bills section and I’m not sure how to go about it. Snoop shows me a total of the bills in full, but that’s not useful to me as I only need to see how much I pay for my share. This consequently affects setting up my budget. I’ve tried adding my partner’s payments as bills themselves, but for some reason they’re not showing up. They’re not really recurring either so not sure if that’s the best way. Can anyone help?

Sorry @Elenaa but we don’t really have a solution for this.

We don’t have a way to split a transaction/bill into different categories. We will only show the full bill amount at the moment.

Your payments ‘credits’ into your account will not appear as bills if these are positive transactions.

Sorry this isn’t something we can support you with right now but I’ve certainly shared the feedback with the team for a future idea.