Erasing payments

Not sure if this has been in a discussion but this is a thing that would be great if the application had.

My issue with this app is that there isnt a way to “erase” bills. For example say i share most bills with my partner and then I pay for them and then she sends me all of the amount, It counts as additional income and then my bills arent what they are supposed to be if that makes sense. There isnt a way to “erase” a transaction with another one and then it raises “my income” and my spending leaving me with an unrealistic budget!

I heard that Monzo bank does something like that! But all in all this application covers everything else I would want! But adding the above would be great!

Hi @anorthosis94 - thanks for the suggestion

You can change the income transaction from your partner to be ‘excluded’ and that will stop it being included in your income calculations. However, what we don’t have at the moment is way to exclude a % of the spending / bill you are describing (to represent the contribution from your partner).

I’ve certainly shared the feedback with our team.


Amazing thank you Paul! That would definitely be great to have in the application! Even a reason for people to want to use it! It would accurately represent what you spend!