Changing bank accounts - Snoop doesn't like it

I have one main account I pay all my bills out of (and others that are just for spending, savings, etc). It’s this Bills account that all my Standing Orders and Direct Debits come out of and the linked payment card is the one used for my recurring subscriptions paid by card. They make up what shows in My Bills in Snoop.

Last year I switched from Nationwide to Barclays for this Bills account (to take advantage of their Avios account thanks to Snoop!). And whilst the Snoop team have been amazing at sorting out some of the issues I’ve had post-switch (thank you!), Snoop is still struggling with the fact that my regular bills used to come out of one bank but now come out of another. I will follow up on the specific details by email but posting this here in case others have also found the same thing.

The main issue is in My Bills. The month that the switch took place, some of my payments didn’t take place on the usual day of the month they normally do which disrupted Snoop’s cycle. This in turn caused many of the items in My Bills to show as Expected even when they’d been paid because Snoop stopped recognising them, and they’ve all needed manual fixes. The fix has been to make manual changes in the background to list them as Irregular payments, even though they’re not and most went back to the original date the following month. And so I’ve had to get in touch about 4 or 5 times (so far) when yet another Bill is showing as Expected (when it’s actually been paid).

Also the transactions show that they’re coming out of Barclays now but the ‘Payment Account’ showing in the overall Bill in My Bills still shows as Nationwide. Whilst this doesn’t break anything, it still confuses me occasionally when I see it and have a small panic that I’ve left something behind. No wonder Snoop’s confused too.

(Unrelated to changing bank accounts, I’ve got some other niggles about having to go out and back into transaction lists to see changes to categories, some category icons just not updating after they’ve been changed (transactions do but the total in the Spend Analysis and in the Weekly Review Snoop doesn’t), and the next transaction in a weekly occurring bill pattern only showing the next one on the list not the remaining upcoming weekly ones that month in my Bills, but I’ll send those through by email.)

You know I love Snoop already so these are just all things I know can make it perfect :ok_hand:. Thanks!

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Really appreciate the feedback @charlwillis

I can definitely understand the points on My Bills and your Current Account switch. But I’d like to check up on the other topics.

@paul_k, @Ross and I will go through these in detail next week and will get back to you :blush:

Thanks @Cara! I’ve sent through an email with all the details. :+1:t2:

Thanks again for this @charlwillis

I’ve sent you an email with explanations for the points you’ve raised.

As always - we really appreciate any feedback.

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