Trouble connecting to accounts

I’ve had the following notification today saying Snoop can’t connect to one of my banks.

But when I go into Snoop,
A) it’s not clear how to see which account is causing the problem as the Last Updated timestamp at the top of thr main screen is up to date.
B) I eventually figured out I could see the last updated for each individual account by going into it and then flicked through them all to see that one of them hasn’t updated since yesterday (but no indication of error on the page - a flag or something would be useful)
C) it’s not clear how to resolve the problem when I have worked out which account it is
D) I then discovered I could ‘Reconnect’ by clicking on the ellipse in the corner which went through fine and has now updated the account. But it would have been nice to know what went wrong? It was one of my Nationwide accounts so it’s not clear why that one in particular didn’t update because my other Nationwide accounts updated fine (so it’s clearly not the connection to Nationwide)

Any ideas? Thanks!

Hi @charlwillis - we had several accounts fail to update correctly on our 4am refresh today due to a technical issue that was resolved before 9am, but not quickly enough for the sending of our daily balance alert (at 8am).

We refreshed all accounts again at midday as normal.

This was not specific to any bank or customer, so some customers will have seen individual accounts not update when others did (like your Nationwide example).

Our Balance Push alert is designed deliberately to not show any old balances and just put that wording in in case any account didn’t update as planned, to avoid giving people any ‘out of date’ information. We tried to make it clear you could check each individual account balance separately, but we will look at that wording again to make it clearer.

What we are doing in future is introducing an ‘on demand’ account refresh. So, soon you’ll be able to kick-off the refresh on all of your accounts when you are in the app and separately to the background timed refreshes we do today.

This new feature will bring in more information and guidance if something doesn’t refresh properly.

Hope that makes sense?

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It does, thank you. I will look forward to the addition of the manual refresh!