Barclays not updating

My Barclays accounts are connected but haven’t updated/refreshed for 50 days. When I swipe down to refresh it doesn’t change and if I go to reconnect, it says it’s all good. Not sure what else I can do?

Sorry to hear that @FoxStar

Can you try this please:

  • Leave the account as it is now
  • Tap on the + icon on the homescreen to add an account
  • Select Barclays again and follow the instructions that will go to the bank to complete a connection again
  • Return back to Snoop and wait 1-2 minutes

This should force a fresh connection with the bank without impacting the account you already have connected.

If that doesn’t work - can you drop us a line from the app so we can investigate further.


Thank you so much. It’s worked for the current account and savings but Barclaycard is now showing twice! I will just remove the old one.
I also have an issue with Bank of Scotland in that I don’t have the option to connect my monthly saver, only the easy access savings. Any way to resolve this please?

Hi @FoxStar

If the bank are not showing that account in their app (on the screen you are taken to when you share permission with us), it sadly means they don’t support Open Banking on this type of account.

Snoop doesn’t have any way to control which accounts they show for selection - and the rules for Open Banking in the UK only cover certain types of savings account so banks often don’t enable all accounts. We will connect anything that they make available.

You’d need to ask your bank about whether they intend to offer Open Banking on this type of savings account in future.

In Snoop, you can add savings accounts (and any other type of account) as an ‘Offline Account’ if you wanted to track all balances in one place. This is one of our Snoop Plus features.


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