Reconnecting accounts

Hi. It’s almost time for me to reconnect some accounts.

I like the red dot on the cog:

But why no indication on the next screen of what the red dot refers to?


Hey @Richard ,

Great spot :smile: Unfortunately, the lack of indicator on the settings screen is something we missed when initially designing the journey - in fact we had a discussion about it just this Monday gone! We’re looking at adding a visual indicator to let users know that the red dot relates to reconnecting accounts, along with some other visual cues.

For the time being, the dot will disappear once you’ve reconnected - it doesn’t relate to anything else.

Thank you so much for raising this though :v:

Stay safe,

So a further update. I tried to reconnect my accounts today and it didn’t work smoothly. It was a Tesco credit card and a Tesco savings account. I followed the reconnect link but ended up with duplicate Tesco accounts in Snoop

Thanks for letting us know @Richard. We had another customer have this problem today and we are working on getting that resolved now.


Another update. Email and notification tonight telling me my accounts are expiring. They’re not though. Bit confusing?

Hi Richard. This one’s on me. Snoop has been a bit zealous in contacting a small number of people who have already reconnected - as well as those still to do so. Many apologies - we’ve reprogrammed this and it shouldn’t happen again! Thank you for being so prompt in reconnecting! Paul

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Hi Guys, I just reconnected one of my Lloyd’s accounts but when returning from the Lloyd’s site it was still showing as unconnected with the red circle and a banner saying that one of my accounts had expired.

After shutting down the app and reopening everything was cleared up and fine and all connected.

I really shouldn’t have to close the app for this to happen

That’s strange - thanks for letting us know @Leighton.

We’ve had no other reports of this and we’ll definitely take a look into it.

Hope you have a lovely weekend :sun_with_face:

Possibly one that’s a Nationwide Open Banking problem rather than a Snoop problem, but just in case…

One of my Nationwide accounts didn’t sync one evening over the weekend and Snoop notified me (with a much clearer message after my last feedback - thank you!). But when I went to reconnect to Nationwide in Snoop, the list of my Nationwide accounts available to Open Banking only included my two Nationwide current accounts and my Nationwide credit card, but didn’t include my Nationwide savings account - it just didn’t appear in the list of accounts to approve Snoop to have access to.

Any ideas?

Hi @charlwillis - each bank has it’s own interpretation on which savings accounts they are obliged to provide Open Banking access to.

The European and UK regulations only force a bank or building society to provide interfaces to ‘Payment Accounts’ - which clearly describes Current Accounts and Credit Cards. Savings Accounts are in a much greyer area! Some banks offer their full range of savings, others are a lot more selective based on what payments features their products support.

As far as I know, Nationwide have not enabled open banking access on any of their savings products - deeming them all outside of the regulations that require this.

We’d love to connect with as many accounts as possible, so if they ever change their mind and extend their interfaces to cover these products we will want to connect with them.


Thank you @paul_k - that’s very helpful.

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I had an email today notifying me that it’s soon time to reconnect my accounts.

I don’t know if it’s by design that I received this on the weekend but I do appreciate receiving the notification on the weekend - much more likely I will act on such an email on the weekend and reconnect all accounts in one go compared to during the week.

One suggestion with the re-connection flow. After reconnecting a bank I get redirected back to the home/main screen of the Snoop app even though I initiated my re-connections from manage accounts screen, not from home/main screen I suggest redirecting back to the place the user initiated the re-connection from.

Thanks @o99 for the great feedback.

We do think careful about the timing of our communications, so I’m glad to hear this was successful for you :slight_smile:

We have plans to make some improvements on the re-connect journey quite soon, so this feedback is great timing. We will certainly consider what’s possible here.

Thanks again for taking the time to feedback.


Probably a stupid question but is the 90 day reconnection non-negotiable? I’m guessing it is the UK standard, and not something within your (or my) control?

Hi @Foreigner - it’s certainly not a stupid question, but I’m afraid at the moment this is indeed non-negotiable.

The need to re-connect every 90 days is one of the rules that all banks across Europe have to adopt - these rules are part of something called the Payment Services Directive.

More specifically, the law makers wanted this to be part of the overall ‘strong customer authentication’ design, which was intended to make the Open Banking process extremely robust and ensure customers have full control of their data.

That’s not to say things won’t change in future (as may believe this step could be improved), but these are the rules we have to work with today.


Hey, I’m trying to reconnect a Santander account but get a black screen after verifying the account and saying that the Santander is sending my back to Snoop app. Been like this for ages and never reconnects. Any ideas?

Hi @DanielSan

I’m sorry to hear that you’re having some trouble reconnecting to Santander. I’d like to help and get this sorted for you.

Would you mind sending an email to so we can identify your account and take a look?