Santander Re-connect not working

I’m able to connect and select all my accounts. Santander says its ok and sends me back to Snoop, but Snoop still says 1 of the accounts needs reconnecting.

Hi @drakesy

Sorry you’re having trouble reconnecting your Santander accounts.

We’ve had several reports of this from other customers over the last few weeks I’m afraid.

Santander has had a number of problems recently. They appear to have a capacity issue with their open banking system which they assure us they are addressing as quickly as possibly (it’s not just impacting Snoop, but all apps and services that connect to them). The only advice they have been able to provide at this stage is to ask their customers to try at different or ‘quieter’ times. This is obviously not a satisfactory position, but that’s the current guidance from them.

Would you mind trying again later today - perhaps this evening - and let me know how that goes?

many thanks

It worked eventually. Thanks!

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