Santander Business and Cahoot Reconnection Issues

Hi All,

I hope all’s going well and congratulations on the fantastic app, it’s a lifesaver for me!

I have a problem relinking via Open Banking to Santander Business and Cahoot.

For the last six months or so, relinking has been fine, but this time I’m unable to relink these two accounts.

(I also have a Santander joint account which, because I can use Santaatnder’s App to relink, this relinks fine. I have a feeling that because the Santander Business app doesn’t allow Open Banking requests, and Cahoot doesn’t have an app, I am then relayed to the mobile website.

At this point all looks fine, I receive a OTP. At the last minute there’s an ‘Oops there’s a problem’ then I get diverted to and it freezes there.

I spoke to tech support and they were good but said all looks fine at their end. I’ve deactivated all the previously-active Open Banking connections on my Santander accounts and retried, but I get the same problem.

They asked that I get in touch with you and if there’s still a problem they’d escalate it at their end.

I have a feeling the problem probably lies with them but I wonder if you’d be able to look into this and if it’s not fixable at least I’ll be able to go back to Santander!

Best wishes,


Hi Greg - thanks for contacting us about this.

I will send you an email about this once we’ve explored what’s happening with Santander.


Hi Paul and Lucy,

Great, many thanks for that. All seems to be working as of yesterday evening so it looks like you must have worked your magic. Assumed it’s something to do with Santander as it was only their business account and their subsidiary Cahoot, neither of which seem to be able to be authorised for Open Banking by an app. Problems seemed to arise when being directed to their website.

Thanks again, great app by the way, best of luck with it,


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