Santander & Cahoot Conflict

Good afternoon all - new user here! I’m trying some different apps in the light of the Money Dashboard closure announcement today to work out which to settle on.

I’ve added my accounts, but I’m having an issue with Cahoot & Santander.

  • I added Santander (all fine)
  • I added Cahoot. It synced fine, but then my Santander accounts the said “Error”. So I reconnected them.
  • My Cahoot account now says “Error”.

It seems like I can’t connect both at the same time. What have I done wrong here? Thanks :slight_smile:


Hey @jonuk :wave:

Welcome to Snoop! Great to have you with us.

But sorry to read you’ve had trouble connecting your accounts.

To fix this, just login to Snoop, and on the home screen hit the ‘+’ icon towards top right of the ‘Your Money’ section and add your erroring account afresh (you don’t need to delete the erroring account first). In theory this will all match up fine and the error will resolve itself.

Would you mind giving that a go and let me know how you get on?

Many thanks