Cahoot v Santander

Hi, I’ve just joined & tried to load up my Cahoot account but it just seems to find my Santander app accounts… I know the are all Santander but the cahoot is a totally different account… how can I get it to see the Cahoot & not the Santander so I can add this to?

Hi @Pash - thanks for joining Snoop :heart:

You should be able to connect your Cahoot accounts by checking the box here in their web online service, which identifies you as a Cahoot customer to Santander:

If you use the app this will be where the confusion is as if you have Santander and Cahoot accounts, Santander only support connections to Cahoot through its online banking service (the web route above), rather than their mobile app. So the workaround is you have to temporarily remove the Santander app from your device and then attempt to add your Cahoot to Snoop again. This time without the app present, you’ll be taken to their website and you’ll get the option to select Cahoot from the log-in screen (as the screen shot shows above).

Once you have it connected, you can reinstall the Santander mobile app and use it as normal.

Sorry, we wish they didn’t do it like this, but that bit of the process is entirely out of our control!