Santander connect error

Hi, I’m trying to add my Santander account, but after starting the process the Santander App fails to link the account with the following message:

Oops something’s gone wrong

There was an error and we haven’t been able to complete your request.

Talked to Santander via their chat without any solution.

I tried linking it multiple times during the day and several days already, since I found a hint on overcrowded apps, but did not work.

Any idea what to try next? All other accounts link working smoothly.


Hi @ZsoltJ - that error message is coming from the bank (in their process) so I’m afraid we are fairly limited as to what we can tell you. What we can try though is raising this with the Santander Open Banking team who may be able to tell us more information compared with the bank’s regular customer support team.

Can you please contact us from the app (or send us an email at so that we can share some details on this.