Unable to display daily balance alert as a bank couldn't be updated

Howdy snoopers!

Just a quick one - I didn’t receive the daily balance alert this morning and instead, a warning which said one of my banks had some issues refreshing

When logging in, all seems well (see screenshot attached). In order to find the problematic bank, you have to go through each one to check the last updated time.

It would be really useful if there was a flag or alert on the bank concerned so it’s obvious which one it is, without having to go through each one and check the time it was last updated!


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Thanks @0weavern that’s a great suggestion and we’ll certainly add that to our list of enhancements for the future.

We do have some plans to change how we refresh your accounts - including the ability to make that happen in the app, later in the summer.


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I also had this today.

I agree with @0weavern that it would be easier to correct if it was flagged.

Also, instead of having no information for all accounts and an error message being sent, would it be possible to list the other 7 accounts with their relevant information but on the account or accounts that haven’t been updated could be written ‘not available’ or ‘na’ instead of the amount.

This would then not only give the balance alert for the remaining accounts but would also show which account hasn’t synced.

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Yes we agree @Leighton - this is a change we’ll be making soon to the balance notification as you’re right that it’s better to see some balances if possible vs none. thanks!

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