Daily Account Update List

Hi Guys,

The addition of the Daily Account Update is great but would it be possible to display the accounts either in alphabetical order or balance order?

Personally alphabetical order works best for me as it then groups my accounts together, but others might have different opinions.

In time maybe there could be an option in the settings either if you would like this daily update on or off and then if on how they are displayed

Great work though

Hi @Leighton we will be introducing a change in future that will let you re-order your accounts in the homescreen of the app.

We will then use that same order in the daily balance push message as well. So you will be in control!

This work is coming-up but it will be a few weeks away before it’s available in the app. Watch this space.


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Hi Paul, thanks for the reply and update.

That sounds a great update and will work just fine, glad to see that it was already in the plan, fab