Summarise the daily summary

The daily summary is great but the detail in the message is cut off. If you removed the
Good Morning Adam
Here is your summary
There would be two lines free to show the summary.

Hey @Whoareya, thanks for your feedback!

Great to hear you like the balance notification. It would have included all the balances for accounts connected to Snoop, it’s just the push truncates. So when you get a push tomorrow if you try a ‘long hold’ - which just means hold your finger on it for a second, the push will expand and you can read it all. I didn’t even know the ‘long hold’ existed until the other day - but it’s great!

Also, we’re working on the feature to enable you to re-order accounts in the app, at the moment. Once that’s delivered the push notification will align to whichever account order you choose. So hopefully that will be a better experience as your most important accounts will be at the top.

Do let me know if you have any trouble or queries about this when you receive your next push tomorrow. :blush:

Looks like the advice was taken on board as my summary note is more concise. Great work guys

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