Daily Balance Notification - Additional Suggestions

I’m enjoying the new feature come up around 8ish each morning, is there any chance of a few additional features to:

A) Adjust the time of when to refresh/send the notification?
B) Show a difference to yesterday… Something like:
Bank Name - £100.03 (+£20)
C) When selecting the notification, it can take you to a ore selected default account (i.e. you main current account)


Hey @Hitesh

Really glad you like the balance notification. :sun_with_face:

These are all great ideas. We’ve just released this feature but it’s certainly only the first version and it will continue to evolve. The next priority for us is to tailor the push so it can handle when an account doesn’t refresh as we couldn’t get your info from your bank. Right now, if one account doesn’t refresh, you don’t get any balances and we’ve had feedback from some customers that they’d like the other balances regardless.

Another improvement which will flow through in a few weeks, is that you’ll be able to reorder accounts in the Snoop app - and the order you choose in the app will be reflected in the notification.

But your thoughts are really interesting and we’ll certainly talk these through when further evolving this feature.

thanks - really appreciate it!


Loving the new daily balance notification.

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One other to add to the nice to have list is the option of which days the notifications show, by which account. Over the weekend I have little to zero change and so don’t really need the notifications.
The ability to choose which accounts will also mean I can have notifications for specific accounts on whichever days.

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Another great suggestion @Hitesh. Also others have suggested being able to set their preferred time for receiving it. I’ll definitely discuss these improvements with the team. Thanks as always!

It would be great to provide custom balance alerts. Whilst the current notifications are useful, I often swipe them away most days as they either haven’t changed or have changed as expected.

Being able to customise for when a balance is below a certain amount or if there are large swings/payments would be great!


Great idea @0weavern

It’s funny you mention as we were talking about notifications this morning, and these are really good thoughts to feed in. We do send a push notification if you have a payment swing in one of your regular payments (either up or down by 20%), but agree it would be useful for customers to be able to configure that threshold themselves. And likewise specific alerts when balances drop below a certain amount. We’ll definitely give these some thought.

thanks, Cara :blush: