Instant account balance updates


Would it be possible for Snoop to update your account balance instantly when there’s a change? Say you’ve transfer some money out, or you’ve purchased something. Push notifications for that would be great as well!

Hi @MBA1413,

This is a great idea - it would be so helpful!

Unfortunately though, under Open Banking (which are the rules governing the way banks connect to services like Snoop), we can only request data from banks up to 4 times max a day where the customer is not in the app - these are called scheduled refreshes. Of course, if you’re in the app you can request that any new transactions and balances are refreshed yourself by pulling down on the home screen. But that’s the only way in addition to the scheduled refreshes.

So as we need to go and get the information from banks on these terms and the banks don’t tell us when something happens on your account proactively, we can’t do much more on the real-time notification front :slightly_frowning_face:

That said - we’re working on a brilliant new alerts feature at the moment - so whilst these alerts may be triggered up to a few hours after the event triggering them occurs (e.g. a payment is made) - they will be sent. They’ll also be tailorable too so you can pick what you want to be notified about. I’m personally super excited about this feature and hope you like it when it lands in the app later this year.


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