API support for offline accounts updates


Big fan so far of using this app to keep track of my finances, and I have signed up to the pro version to help support you in your development!

I am a slightly more technically inclined user and would really love the option of being able to update e.g. the offline balance programmatically so that it’s visible in the app and so that I have everything in one place.

It would be great if, just like how snoop uses open banking to share data, if snoop had an API or similar so that I could provide up to date figures for certain accounts, while waiting for the “official” integrations to appear with time, so that I can keep using this one app to keep track of everything.

E.g. I could write a script that connects to snoop and provides an update to the balance for a prespecified account. Alternatively, if there was a standardised interface through which snoop fetches data, I could provide a server that provides data for some of my accounts in this format of your choosing, and have it show in the app, for offline accounts that I have to currently click and type updates for manually once a day.

Thank you!

Hi @nisaver thanks for the great feedback and for your support as a Snoop Plus customer.

I’ve certainly shared that feedback with the rest of the team, but we don’t have any plans at the moment to develop external interfaces in the way you describe. We will certainly let you know if that changes.

We hope that as Open Banking continues to grow - and with ‘Open Finance’ as the next government and industry development to extend access to other types of financial products, in time we will have more and more automated connections.