Offline account updates

I have a collection of small savings accounts I use for groceries, car related bills, etc. I transfer money each month into these accounts and transfer back to my main account as and when I buy groceries or put fuel in my car etc These accounts don’t support open banking so the offline accounts are manually maintained. What would help is to be about to add the account number to an offline account so snoop can automatically detect a transaction from my current account and adjust the offline account accordingly.

Hi @Steve.bryan, that’s a great suggestion for our offline account feature!

I’ve shared this with the wider Snoop team for consideration.

Many thanks,

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Love this idea. I have a number of accounts that only transfer to or from my main account. No other way of getting money in or out. It should be simple maths

Yes that sounds a good idea. I am ofter moving my money in and out of Kroo, as it gives a better interest than my main current account, so every few days I have the hassle of updating the offline balance.

Hi @Andrew and @Mike1 - thanks for sharing your vote of confidence to see this implemented on the Snoop app.

Understanding the level of demand, helps our team in prioritising improvements and new features.

Many thanks!