Delays in ‘Your Money’ Updat

Hi, I’ve noticed that updates to the ‘Your Money’ section appear to stop around 7:30pm on some occasions.
This morning as if 5:30am my accounts were showing Last updated 28th Feb 7:33pm. Given that I had transferred money between all my accounts Monzo & Barclays (2) after 7:30 the previous evening none of the balances were correct.
I raised an issue yesterday regarding the balances of Barclays accounts not showing correctly and was told some providers lag behind others.
Given both these issues, I have no confidence that when I check my balances in Snoop they are correct, which is a real shame because I really want this to work and Snoop be my app of choice for overview of my finances :disappointed:

Hi @EssexToWilts, we are only allowed under Open Banking rules to automatically request a balance from your bank 4 times per day (in the background). In addition to this, we are allowed to request data ‘on demand’ if you ask for it and you are using our app.

During our beta programme, we are only doing the first bit of this… the 4 automatic refreshes. We do this at around 6am, 10am, 2pm and 6pm (exact timings will be within 90 mins of this).

The ‘on demand’ refresh is something we will be delivering in a few weeks time. This means, you will be able to refresh your data when you are accessing our app. We know this is an important feature.

Your Barclays balance query is a little bit different. All banks handle pending transactions differently and some apply these to the balance they show immediately and others do not. Barclays are an example where you see pending items applied to your balance as soon as you access their app. Whereas someone like HSBC will show you the last ‘booked’ (confirmed) balance but have a section in their app where they show the pending transactions that are soon to be applied. These transactions are not applied to the balance they show.

We’ve currently made a decision to try and show a balance on a consistent basis for all banks. The decision we took is to show the booked balance but also show the transactions that are pending at that time and soon to be applied.

We are exploring if it’s possible to give different balance types for different banks - to hopefully make things more consistent with how each bank shows it’s balances.

Thanks for your feedback on this - it’s really helpful as it helps us understand the priority of this type of change.

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