Balance is always plus pending

Is it possible to change the balance shown?
As currently mine seems to show my balance including pending which is annoying because that’s not my true balance
It’s only after the pending processes a day or 2 later that the balance reflects correctly
It should also be the true balance anyways because that’s how the banks now have to do it at ATMs and in there apps

Hi @si458 we actually had another customer talk about this today. See my response here; Delays in ‘Your Money’ Updat

As you’ll see, this is certainly something we are thinking about.

Can I ask which bank(s) you are using?

I use a variety but they all have the same thing when it comes to the total balance being shown without pending being taken off

Monzo, Halifax, Barclays, Revolut

But I’ve noticed it mainly on my Barclays As that’s my main spending account where as Halifax is a DD account

Altho the Barclays displays the shop and amount in the pending where as my Halifax just shows ‘Card Payment’ and the amount and take a days or two before it changes to the actually store and the correct category

Thanks - sadly Halifax don’t give us all the normal data for pending transactions. This is a perfect example of how every bank does it differently sadly.

Even Monzo (who are super modern and great at most things) have some strange treatment of pending items - for example any card payment that is declined comes through as a normal pending item so it looks like you’ve incurred that spend :man_shrugging:

As we get more and more data, we will get better at spotting and dealing with these bank specific things.

As I mention in the other post, we will certainly consider if we can do balance specific treatments for certain banks like Barclays too.