Stuck ‘Pending’ too long

It’s been frustrating that transactions take a day or so to “confirm” before they are properly integrated into the running analysis, but recently this timescale seems to have extended further which is disrupting the value of the data (expenditure tracking in my case).
For example today is PM on the 25th and I have transactions “pending” from the 19th!
This really has to be improved, if only through the inclusion of an option to include these transaction un-confirmed.
If I’m missing something please let me know, though I am intrigued why this seems to be taking an increasing amount of time for the bank/credit card to confirm.
Thank you

Hi @Grumpy

There are two types of transaction that flow into Snoop from each of the banks/card companies we work with:

  • “Booked” transactions (or ‘Confirmed’) which have been recorded on the account and should match your bank statement
  • “Pending” transactions which the bank are recording as still subject to change.

Exactly which types of transactions go into Pending and for how long they sit in that status will depend on who the banks is. We don’t have any influence or control on this at all - it’s 100% driven by the banks. For some account providers, we don’t actually get any Pending transactions from them. For those that do provide pending transactions, we see changes to amounts, dates and descriptions during this stage. It’s also possible for a pending transaction to ‘drop off’ and never make it to a confirmed transaction. For all of these reasons, we’ve decided to not use these in our spending analysis or bill features.

We refresh the data with your bank a minimum 2 times per day. You can also manually refresh your accounts in the app whenever you are logged in (by dragging down on the homescreen). When we refresh your data we check for any changes on any recent booked transactions, and each time we also remove all previous pending transactions and import the current pending items.

So if your accounts are refreshing regularly (which you can see from the time at the top of the screen when you tap on an account) we will be showing you the very latest position that your bank is reporting at that refresh time.

It does sound very unusual if you are today seeing Pending transactions still being reported from Saturday 19th. I would need to raise this with the bank to investigate and I’d be very happy to do this if you’d like to email us at or tap on the contact us from the app.