Option to incorporate Pending transactions On/Off Toggle

Hi Team,
I routinely have a host of pending transactions which are always processed in a few days. This results in ‘projected / next monthly’ reported funds becoming meaningless due to these resultant lags… its RARE for pending amounts to be cancelled. Any chance to provide an ON / OFF toggle to include/ ignore for projected assessments??
Thanks, Robert

Hi @Robert_i - I’m afraid pending transactions work very differently to booked ones, so we don’t currently use them in any of our features.

Some of the reasons for this can be found in the post below.

One bank is particularly problematic today - NatWest. With them, transactions they report to us as ‘pending’ to us are not shown like that in their own app. They are actually making some changes on this in the next few weeks which should see things going to confirmed much more quickly.

For all other banks, we don’t have any plans for any changes here I’m afraid.


Thanks Paul for your prompt reply. That’s a pity. I would have let the user decide… to include or exclude per linked account. Its a shame 1 bank (natwest) is blocking development in this area.


Sorry @Robert_i - just to clarify it’s not just one bank… pending transactions are a problem for all banks because of how they work in Open Banking.

It’s just NatWest have a particular implementation which causes long delays where things appear to be pending when they shouldn’t be. This is the thing that is getting resolved in the next few weeks hopefully (by them).