Categorise pending transactions - feature request

I would like to be able to categorise transactions that are in the pending state as opposed to only those that are settled.
The details of a payment/transaction are freshest in my mind soon after I done it. As little as a few days later I often don’t remember and then I have to investigate. I personally like to go through my payments once every few days and carefully categorise everything in order to make my budget alarms have the correct information to work with and trigger in a timely fashion.
Pending payments might not always go through. But realistically… they always do. And even if they don’t, all I lost is a few taps.

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Hi @gabor.biro - the reason we don’t support this today is that sadly pending transactions work differently across banks and there is no relationship between a pending transaction and a confirmed (aka ‘Booked’) transaction a few days later.

Some card companies don’t give us pending transactions at all, some give us transactions that often change in amount, description and date. Most banks don’t provide any sort of reliable reference ID that links transaction records as they move from pending to booked.

As we can’t trace a transaction that starts as pending and then ultimately changes to an entirely different booked transaction, what we have to do is delete all pending transactions and re-import anything still pending from your bank each time we refresh your data.

This is very different to the confirmed transactions which have reliable data and IDs that don’t often change. So we can record data such as notes, categories etc against these records.

I hope that explains why it works like it does?


How curious.

Thanks for your reply!