New App Release (version 6.4)

Hi everyone - a new app release will be available to everyone by tomorrow morning.

Within that you will find:

A new simple Reconnect Accounts screen

Plus these enhancements…

Let us know what you think?

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@paul_k the new release is great, apart from getting disconnect notifications pretty much every other day :confused: have you seen this being reported by other clients too? I receive a push notification that my daily account update failed because my bank didn’t give permission but when I open the reconnect page on the app it says there are still 77 days till next reconnect. Thanks

Hi @Galina - our daily balance update message will change to say we haven’t been able to get an overnight balance if there was an issue. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s because the connection has expired.

It could mean:

  • Your bank has had scheduled maintenance overnight
  • Your bank has had unscheduled issue preventing an update from being shared
  • We have had an unscheduled issue

If you happen to bank with TSB, they are in their own category I’m afraid as we have lots of issues with their daily refreshes (hence we have a message in app about this).

The first to try today is dragging down on the homepage to check your accounts manually refresh ok. If not, can you drop us a line at so we can investigate?


Thanks, Paul. I’ll see what it does tomorrow morning. Best, Galina