Accounts not refreshing

Is the accounts not refreshing issue impacting everybody?


Same here. Been going on since last night

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Unfortunately there is an issue going on with account connections/reconnections/refreshes at the moment. Our team are working as quick as they can to implement a fix and we will be letting everyone know when this issue has been resolved.

Thanks for your patience!

Snoop HQ

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Same - mine hasnā€™t worked for 2 days now.

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Looks like all Plus Members are due a rebate for a non functioning App.

Hi everyone - Iā€™m really sorry for the problems in the last 2 days.

We partner with one of the largest Open Banking technology providers in Europe and sadly for us, they had a major IT incident which is still ongoing. This is very unusual (you can see the usual performance of their platform here if you are interested).

This is obviously extremely frustrating for us and we understand the impact this has on our app and the service we provide you with.

The good news is that things are now starting to recover. We hope to have updated balances and transactions in all accounts by the end of the afternoon. Later today we should also enable new account connections and reconnections. We will also contact everyone as soon as everything is back to normal.

For a short time, there may be some duplicate transactions showing for transactions over the weekend and Monday. This will be fixed and duplicates removed, but we wanted to get the app back to you as quickly as possible rather than wait longer for this step to also be completed. Balances will not be impacted.

Again, we are really sorry about the inconvenience.