Pulse not refreshing

I noticed that Pulse (Newday) credit card is not updating new transactions since the start of this week. Is this a known issue? My Pulse app is working fine. I also tried to reconnect and that also failed with an error.

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Hi @SGBE we have some ongoing issues with NewDay cards. They had a problem earlier in the week and that stopped all new connections and refreshes from working :slightly_frowning_face:.

This is the message you might see in their app when you try and connect any Open Banking connection (note this is not anything we control… we would at least have a nicer looking error screen :blush:)


We added a message into the Snoop app on this and we will remove that as soon as NewDay confirm this is fixed.


Hi Paul, do you have an update on this please?

Our John Lewis card (also NewDay) hasn’t updated for 12 days and there’s no message in snoop app to say it’s broken


Hi @Nao - we had a notification from Newday last night that they had fixed the problem. The have recorded the outage as finishing at 3pm yesterday as you can see here:


We did remove the message that would have appeared for anyone trying to connect or reconnect any Newday account overnight, but I was waiting for this morning to see if we had successful refreshes overnight before I posted here with an update.

We are now getting data refreshes completing successfully and we can see people can now add/reconnect accounts again.

If your account is currently ‘stuck’ and not refreshing - you will now need to reconnect it (which wasn’t possible until after this problem was fixed). Tap on the account from the homescreen, tap on the three dots menu to bring up the menu and then select the reconnect option. If that doesn’t take you back to the credit card app or if you have any problems please can you let us know here or by emailing hello@snoop.app

Also - if anyone reading this is a Newday customer and has time to do so, we’d be really grateful if you could contact your provider to express your frustration about the poor service with their Open Banking systems. We don’t think it’s acceptable for a key service that their customers use to be broken for 9 days. All banks and card companies tend to take more attention of their customers dissatisfaction, rather than ours :smiling_face: