Issues reconnecting Aqua credit card

Is anyone else having issues reconnecting snoop with there Aqua credit card ?

When i reconnect snoop jumps to the aqua app which then sometimes crashes or other times just takes me to the balance screen.

Hi there,

Sorry to hear you’re having trouble reconnecting your Aqua card.

We’ve had a few reports of customers saying similar across several NewDay brands, so we’ve raised this with NewDay to investigate.

As a temporary workaround you can try removing the NewDay app from your device and then try to reconnect again via Snoop. This time you’ll be redirected to NewDay’s online service to reconnect which appears to work fine. Of course, once you’ve reconnected you can reinstall the NewDay app.

Hopefully the above works. But if you have any problems please do drop us a line at

Many thanks

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I have two NewDay cards - Aqua and Amazon - and have tried to connect to them from several Open Banking apps. The issue almost certainly the NewDay API which seems to be very unstable or unreliable. Although still not perfect, I’ve had much better success using the browser interface - it seems to generally work for Snoop anyway.

Tip: On Android, you don’t necessarily need to uninstall the NewDay app if your phone gives you the “Open with?” pop-up. Simply select the Chrome browser instead of the app then tap “Once only”.


Cara ,

Many thanks for your reply.


Thanks for the advice. i am ios but could be helpful for others.

Great tip, thank you @Martin!